The Venue

Why we chose Lithuanian Hall:

Lacey has been attending the Night of 100 Elvises, which is held every year at Lithuanian Hall, for 10 years.  It’s one of her favorite events of the year.  Because of this, “Lith Hall” has a special place in her heart – a place filled with Elvis impersonators, line dancing grannies and vititus.  Now that she has started taking Brad to the event, they both agreed that the place, so huge, beautiful, full of culture and possessing a humungous stage… would be the perfect place to do this thing.

They also allow for a complete DIY event – meaning that we are able to bring in the vendors we want… which for you means – AWESOME!  No stuffy caterers and silver table settings for you!  The Lithuanian Hall has allowed use to invent our own wedding, the way we want it… and the way we know you will remember it forever.

So join us at the Lithuanian Hall in Baltimore for an afternoon of fun, weddingess… and we may even find an Elvis impersonator somewhere around the place.

A note about parking:  There is plenty of street parking around the hall… or you could take a cab.  That way, you party that much harder!

Directions to Lithuanian Hall


About Lithuanian Hall in Baltimore:

In December of 1916 and April of 1917, two buildings on the corner of Hollins and Parkin streets were bought. The two 3-story brink houses, interconnected with a mutual inside well, were renovated. The buildings’ renovations were entrusted to architect Stanislaus Russell, and construction went on from the spring of 1920 to the fall of 1921. The opening ceremony of the new Lithuanian Hall took place on February 17th, 1921, and festivities continued all month. An opening banquet was organized, the play “Pilenieciai” was performed, and music and sports events took place. These month-long events showed the celebrative mood with which Baltimore Lithuanians greeted the opening of a new Lithuanian Hall… Read more about The Lithuanian Hall >>>




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