About Baltimore

Baltimore, Oh… Baltimore.  Have you been to Baltimore, or will this be your first trip?  If you are coming in from out of town, we are so excited to share our city with you!

I know – you are probably thinking “The Wire.”  And that’s here for sure.  If you want to see some of the sites from that show we can definitely point you in the… err… right direction.

But there is SO MUCH MORE to Baltimore than that.  There is Fells Point, AVAM, Owl Bar, Lexington Market, crab cakes, the National Aquarium, the Maryland Zoo, Hamden, Camden Yards and yeah fine even the Inner Harbor.

Also, did you know that tons and tons of House of Cards is filmed in Baltimore, not D.C.?  The Wire isn’t the only show in town.  Just look around, and you will see the bars, coffee shops and park benches the Underwoods and their friends have made us all familiar with.

Now that you are really excited about visiting Baltimore… we’ll post some info an how to get around and find some of our favorite locations.  So come back soon for more!


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